Born in Campinas, São Paulo state, Brazil, Erica Dahlström Dezonne grew up in a mix of cultures, one half Finnish made up of artists and the Brazilian side a group of revolutionary women ahead of their time. The passion for photography came in childhood, as Erica was always “the one” to register the trips with her father and burning through rolls of film much to both his and his wallets dismay.

Following her revolutionary side she graduated in journalism discovering her true passion for photojournalism. Erica then had the opportunity to work as a photojournalist with RAC group specifically Correio Popular (the main press media group in Campinas region, Brazil). She worked for RAC group for four years in which she received several national awards including the Esso and Embratel awards in 2011, with the photo "The struggle of a mother against addiction." With the output of Campinas journal, was passing through the Gazette de S. Paulo and O Estado de S. Paulo. 

Following her work as a jobbing photojournalist Erica decided it was time to improve to hone her skills and study abroad. Moving to London and enrolling in Speos Photographic Institute was a delight and an opportunity to step back from the hectic life as a frontline photojournalist and experience different people and a new culture. 

Erica now works in London working for publications internationally.